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welcome to bts tarot!

what is this project?
bts tarot is a deck of bangtan-themed illustrated playing cards, spanning the five suits of tarot: the four minor arcana and the major arcana. kind of like a zine, but cards instead of pages! the final result will be a deck of 78 tarot cards, a guidebook explaining the meaning behind the cards, and of course merch!
do i need to know tarot to join or enjoy?
not at all! everyone is welcome, and art is the main focus - tarot just provides a format and theme. if you'd like to learn about the basic structure of a tarot deck, see tarot 101.
ship content
bts tarot will not include romantic ships between members. platonic ships are allowed, meaning an interaction that can be interpreted as non-romantic (so no depictions of kissing, but backhugs are okay).
once production and shipping costs are covered, any leftover profits will be donated to a charity of the contributors' choice.

currently: [production]

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tarot is similar to the standard 52-playing card deck that you probably know, with an additional suit called the major arcana. a tarot deck has 78 cards and can be used for card games and divination. although there are regional variations, bts tarot will follow this structure:
instead of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades, tarot's suits are wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. each suit has an ace, cards numbered 1 through 10, and a page, a knight, a queen, and a king. unlike a regular card deck, tarot cards are usually fully illustrated.
minor arcana.
together, the four suits of wands, pentacles, cups, and swords are called the minor arcana. each minor arcana card is associated with a meaning - too many to list each card here, so check out the sources at the bottom of this page if you want to learn more about it! here are a few examples of minor arcana cards:

major arcana.
tarot has a fifth 22-card suit called the major arcana. these cards each have a unique name along with a number, beginning with 0, the fool. the major arcana carry symbolic meanings and are sometimes used in combination with the minor arcana for fortune-telling. the major arcana are:

0the foolyouth, new beginnings, impulsiveness, adventure, freedom
1the magicianpower, influence, intellect, originality, resourcefulness
2the high priestessintuition, spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, mystery
3the empressnature, creation, accomplishment, progress, evolution
4the emperorauthority, capability, structure, control, protectiveness
5the hierophanttradition, conformity, compassion, morality, ethics
6the loverspartnership, duality, union, trust, kindred spirits
7the chariotambition, discipline, perseverance, adversity, willpower
8strengthbravery, conviction, determination, persuasion, focus
9the hermitcontemplation, insight, prudence, vigilance solitude
10wheel of fortunedestiny, lucky, change, cycles, inevitable fate
11justiceclarity, consequences, honor, reason, virtue
12the hanged mansacrifice, reversal, rebirth, seeking release, letting go
13deathtransformation, beginnings and endings, metamorphosis
14temperancebalance, patience, moderation, perspective, peace
15the devilobsession, secrecy, temptation, hopelessness, powerlessness
16the towerchaos, upheaval, tragedy, destruction, disaster
17the starhope, inspiration, faith, rejuvenation, positivity
18the moonillusion, instability, deception, danger, fear
19the sunjoy, success, confidence, vitality, optimism
20judgmentreflection, reckoning, awakening, forgiveness, healing
21the worldfulfillment, harmony, triumph, completion, end of a journey

bts tarot welcomes artists to disregard or subvert the gender of cards! these meanings are a starting point, not a requirement that artists must follow.examples of major arcana cards:

thanks for reading!
tarot is full of space for interpretation and we can't wait to see the styles and personality that artists will bring! if you have a question or a suggestion to improve this quick guide, please don't hesitate to let us know.
sources: the tarot guide, astrology tarot, labyrinthoscard credits: four of cups by ricardo cavolo, ten of swords by sarah kipin, three of swords by so lazo, nine of cups by alex p. perkins / king of pentacles by eliot baum, five of wands by rachel rosenkoetter, knight of swords by faith varvara, two of pentacles by brittsart / the magician by alina matskevich, death by daniela chavez maldonado, the star by nessy, the tower by angfdz / the hermit by kellkyy, the lovers by rachel tunstall, the world by kubra aslan ertap, the hierophant from playful heart tarot.

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experience: your local (worldwide?) poly enthusiast here! I have moderated 5+ zines (including King of Hearts: a Seokjin ship zine, 2! 3!: a poly BTS zine, and Be My Home: a namkook domestic zine), contributed to 9 zines, and am currently finishing my first year in law school
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